Try Dave’s favorite Meatloaf recipe for your next family meal! This comes out very light and still the perfect flavor! Dave demonstrates in the video below how to make this perfectly glazed meatloaf. We’ll warn you- this is not your mom’s meatloaf!

With fresh herbs and big flavor, this meatloaf takes a little longer than those other meatloaf recipes out there, but the proof is in the pudding… or is that loaf? We’re not sure, but you should try it out!

The Dads: Harris & Dave

The Dads: Harris & Dave

We are just two dads that share the most wonderful grown children; Melissa, Leah, and Brenden. We also have two great son-in-laws including Melissa's husband and Leah's husband, Sean. Our kids think we have something special going on that we want to share with you. We're looking to inspire, teach, and share our style in entertaining, cooking, decorating, shopping, gardening and much more! We hope you follow us on our journey and share your experiences with us at The Dads: Harris & Dave!

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    1. Thanks, Paul. That’s our dog, Jacques; he’s a Standard Parti Poodle. When ever he knows the camera is on he’s right there! He’s really attached to Harris so you’ll see Jacques more in Harris’ videos that with me!

      1. He’s cool x I like your site .. A little busy yet I like it.. I find if you read more of others sites and make nice comments you seem to get more traffic in return., give that a go..

      2. Paul, I sincerely appreciate your review and feedback. We’re working to improve the site all the time so your feedback about it being busy is very helpful. Best regards, Dave. PS. I’d love to have you as a follower on our site! I do very much enjoy following your blog.

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