Tuesday Two Minute Tutorial: Remoulade Sauce!

This week, The Dads want to encourage you to make your own sauces! Why buy store bought when you can make homemade quick & easy for less money? Bonus: The taste is so much better!

We made a Remoulade Sauce this morning since our friends will be coming for dinner tonight. The first course that we will be serving is an avocado sliced on the plate, topped with jumbo lump crab meat that has been tossed in this fantastic Remoulade Sauce!

When you make your own sauces, do you follow the recipe or add your own twists? What’s your favorite to make?

Watch The Dads video below for our tips and tricks!

4 Replies to “Tuesday Two Minute Tutorial: Remoulade Sauce!”

    1. Thanks, Ian. This sauce is so simple to make it’s astounding. I love a good remoulade and never thought to make my own. In fact, we have a second home in Louisiana and I used to bring the sauce I bought there home to Maryland. Then I started thinking this can’t be difficult and fresh ingredients have got to be better so I began experimenting and came up with this easy recipe. I’ll never use store bought again! Give it a try and let me know how you like it. Dave.
      PS. Hope you’re enjoying Frankfurt!

  1. Where is Jacque 🐶? I like when he walks in and out when you guys are Videotaping.

    XO Steph


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