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We are lovingly known by our children as “The Dads”. It all began one evening when we were visiting Melissa (Dave’s daughter) in NYC. We had already left them to head back to our hotel for the night, but Leah (Harris’ daughter) and her husband Sean, were staying at Melissa’s. Apparently, when Melissa had spotted the air mattress which was loaned to Leah & Sean by us, she was beyond impressed. Impressed by an air mattress? Yes. In her opinion, it wasn’t just any ordinary sit-on-it-and-roll-onto-the-floor type inflated mattress. It was a kind that had the edges and sturdiness of a real bed. Well, almost.

Melissa exclaimed how she bet The Dads researched online and read the reviews to find the best air mattress for their buck. Leah laughed and chimed in, how embarrassed she was when Harris went to purchase the mattress with her… and how at the checkout, he had the cashier open the box and see if the batteries were included. He didn’t want his daughter to be without the batteries!

And so, the conversation began. They all became so excited with the idea that The Dads should have a site where they could share their tips and insight, that Melissa made sure that they documented this momentous occasion with a photo (as seen below).

We are just a couple of guys who have been happily together since 15 years, who very much love: entertaining, cooking, gardening, antique and art collecting, our koi fish pond, home decor, gin and tonics… and of course, most importantly our children!

Please let us know what topics or questions you would love to see us cover! Our e-mail is: HarrisandDave@gmail.com

The Dads: Harris & Dave

Mattress Final

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