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If you have a question you would love for The Dads: Harris & Dave to answer, please send it to us! We’d love to try and help!

Feel to free to ask us anything! Cooking, gardening, taking care of fish (including caring for our koi pond), antiques, home decor/appliances, and more! That’s our forte!

Have a home decor question? Send us a picture of your room, and The Dads can send you a suggestion of what they would change!

Have a special occasion coming up and would like some ideas from The Dads of where to go, what to serve, or what gift to bring? Ask Harris & Dave!

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  1. Mahalo nui loa from Kauai, Hawaii for your crock pot roast beef video. OMG it just wonderful, the whole house filled up with the wonderful smell of beef roasting and everyone at The Kauai Inn (staff) enjoyed the wonderful dish. Thank you again for the video.

    1. We’re so glad you enjoyed!!! Harris and i really need to get back to posting. Since our daughters got so busy with their careers they dont have time to post for us so we have to learn. Let is know if you try other recipes! Happy Holidays!

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