Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and the baby of five, I was blessed with two loving parents. They enjoyed the kind of blissful opposites-attract marriage that you read about in storybooks. My father was a Colonel in the Army, while my mother was an artist who loved to throw soirees and re-decorate the house when my father was out of town! She was… well, the best way to describe her, Auntie Mame! If you don’t know who I’m talking about when I say that, then…. Here’s another tip from Dave, check out that movie. You’ll love it – and then you’ll understand me just that much more!

I’m not sure you would describe my youth as normal, as my love for antiques started when I was very young. My mother would often say to me, “You don’t feel like going to school today do you? Let’s go antiquing… or let’s grab a canvas and easel and go paint by the old mill!” Yes, I had an amazing relationship with my mother, and while she was taken from me at the early age of 13, I felt as if we lived a lifetime together; one that I will always treasure.

I know I have a lot of my mother in me; after all I had my first formal dinner party at the age of 16! My father told me I could have the house for a party one weekend. I told all my friends with such excitement! Well, to their surprise when they arrived, it’s wasn’t a kegger… but rather a formal dinner party; you know one with silver lame table clothes with lace overlays and candle lit tables!

I married my high school-school sweetheart and we had a beautiful baby girl, Melissa. Even though my wife and I are no longer together, she still remains one of my best friends today.

In 1999, I found my soul mate, Harris, and ever since, I feel like life has no limits! Having many of the same interests and both creating this new life with a blank canvas we’ve colored way outside of the lines and created our own world, unencumbered by what others think or expect. Our home resembles who we are and our love for family and friends. We welcome you into our lives; The Dads: Harris & Dave!

Melissa and The Dads

Dave with his daughter Melissa and Harris.

Dave and Carol

Dave dancing with his vibrantly beautiful sister Carol.

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