Melissa and The Dads, celebrating her birthday

Growing up with my father, Dave, has always been an interesting experience. He was always very nurturing… and by nurturing, I mean hair perms, frilly dresses, and manicures. He taught me about makeup and how to walk in heels. (Don’t worry; he never put either of those on.) Perhaps, it was from some old-fashioned ideals of what a lady should be like. But most likely it’s because he had one fabulous mother who loved parties and fashion. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet her, since she passed when my dad was only 13. However, I have a pretty good sense that if you combined my dad with his sister Carol, you would have their mother. Full of high energy, positivity, good hearts and a love for entertaining others with great cooking and exceptional decorating… that surely must come from their mom!
Naturally, in my youth, I always rebelled. I would cry when my hair was curled, sit on my hands when I would visit him, and not show any interest in cooking. As I grew up, however, he became my best friend and best resource for all the things that I pouted about when I was little. When he met Harris, it was as if I now had my dad times two. Now, I can’t wait to see what clothes they have bought me or what they are cooking. And all of that coaching about heels and makeup must have paid off, since I now work as a fashion model in New York. As we have been building this site together, I have been taking notes on all the things I wish I had learned as I was growing up. I hope you will find enjoyment and inspiration while getting to know “The Dads”!

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