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Joie de Vivre: Joy of Life!

The Dessert Table

No party is complete without a delicious dessert table! Presentation is key to helping your guests decide which treat they will be going for. We recommend to have some of

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The Heart of Your Table

Many people get their centerpieces at florists for dinner parties, but we like to make it personal by making it ourselves. Making a big arrangement evenly spaced and full can

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Quick Tip: The Microplane

The Microplane is an outstanding tool for every kitchen. When looking to zest a lemon, lime, or orange, you have to treat yourself to a Microplane! We love this tool

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The Perfect Dinner Napkin

How many of you iron your dinner napkins? Or even have dinner napkins? Dave’s daughter, Melissa, didn’t even realize that she should have dinner napkins until watching this video. Good

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Table Settings

Whenever we throw a dinner or brunch party, we always pay special attention to detail. Here are some of examples of how we prefer to set our table.

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