Quick Tip: The Microplane

The Microplane is an outstanding tool for every kitchen. When looking to zest a lemon, lime, or orange, you have to treat yourself to a Microplane!

We love this tool and it costs less than $15! What we love about it, is that it removes just the zest and none of the bitter part of the skin of the citrus. We make the best Lemon Meringue Pie with ours! We have also used it to grate Parmesan Reggiano as well as other hard cheeses into fine lacy wisps.

You will love it!

Just another tip from The Dads: Harris & Dave!



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  • Posted November 21, 2013
    by puddy

    Love the microplance. It’s also GREAT FOR “liquifying” garlic cloves. The garlic practically melts when you grate it over some olive oil (that you dip your bread in!)

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