We love the sleek look of our glass cooktop stove, but have always struggled to maintain that perfectly shiny mirror finish. Try as we might, cooking oils always seem to leave residual smears and streaks. Or at least they did, until we discovered that Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner! Weiman’s a great brand, and their spray cooktop cleaner is easy to use and works great! We are proud to say that our cooktop is finally streak-free! So, here’s a quick tip for those of you who have glass cooktops at home like we do. Try Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner!And if you doubt how easy it is, make sure to watch Dave’s demonstration in the video below.


  • Posted July 30, 2014
    by anhtuannguyen33

    You have to clean like that if you use induction cooktop.( cleaning for glass cooktop )

    • Posted July 30, 2014
      by The Dads: Harris & Dave

      I’m guessing the reason you have to do an extra good job cleaning induction cooktops is to prevent the burners from turning off? I’ve never had an induction cooktop but I’ve heard it’s very important to have good contact between your pot and the surface.

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