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To all the Suave Dads: Happy Father’s Day!


Melissa here again…!

I wanted to wish a special Happy Father’s Day, to our two great dads: Harris & Dave!

Growing up, I always bragged about how cool it was to have a dad like mine. He loved to shop, do my hair and taught me about makeup. I mean, seriously, my girlfriends were sometimes even jealous!

In addition to all that fun stuff, he was always a great example of how a proper gentleman should be to a lady. May it be his southern upbringing, or simply the time era he came from, he’s always chivalrous in opening doors, pulling out chairs, carrying bags and holding out his arm for a walk. I’ve often mentally noted that its no coincidence that my husband is the same. Girls grow up with their fathers as examples of how they should be treated. I know that Leah, Brenden and myself are quite lucky to have these kind hearted, suave fellas in our lives!

To all the great fathers out there (including those who are fathers to fur babies!), we thank you. We are who we are because of you!


There’s just something about Mary!

Leah, here, from the Dads: Harrris and Dave. My Grandmother, Mary, is turning 87 this week, and for her birthday, the Dads are planning a very special Italian dinner party. So when my Dad, Harris, called to tell me all about some of the dishes they have in mind, I thought I might take this opportunity to share with you a little about my Grandmother and what she has meant to me in my life. Fingers crossed, we will have a video featuring her next week!

My Grandmother was born in 1927. Her father, Vincenzio, was a barber who immigrated to the U.S. from Palermo, Italy. He married her mother, Concetta, in 1924. Concetta’s family owned what’s now known as the World Famous, Lexington Market. The couple moved to New York after they married, but after the birth of their first two children, Phyllis & Mary, they returned to Baltimore for good. Vincenzio and Concetta had two more children, Sadie and Rose.

Before I started writing this, I asked my husband, Sean, what makes my Grandmother different than other Grandmothers- he just laughed. You see, my Grandmother is a character- she swears in Italian, is full of colorful phrases, and will tell you exactly what’s on her mind. At family gatherings, sometimes she will surprise a newcomer with something off-the-wall, and Sean will just smile and say “Oh, you’re new!” She’s also an avid gambler. Below is a picture of her in Las Vegas!


As all good Italians do, my Grandmother loves to give advice. For instance, when it comes to clothing, more sequins and beading is always best; and no matter what your size, you are actually a small. She taught me how to dance, and was the first to teach me the Macarena- when it was actually cool. Scary, I know! And on my wedding day, it was her heart necklace, a gift from my Grandfather, that I wore close to my heart.

So now that I’ve told you a bit about Grandmother, I have to say that we are so excited to celebrate her birthday and enjoy the meal the Dads have planned.  What are some of your favorite Italian dishes? And do you have any special memories of your own grandmother?

The Dads’ Thanksgiving Reflection

We hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a couple of days now, and we’re finally starting to recover from the holiday fun and exhaustion!

Here is a list that we put together last night, reflecting our Post-Thanksgiving thoughts:

1. Wow, we’re exhausted!

2. Having all the family together is so heartwarming and feels good right down to the bone.

3. Sheesh, you can never do enough advance planning and preparation. When everyone arrives, it’s difficult to get anything done! You want to stop and listen to every story and be in every room with everyone, but you can’t.

4. Everyone wants to be with you, which is great; your kitchen however isn’t large enough to work efficiently with everyone underfoot.

5. This was our first year trying to film while cooking and having guests; wow, was that difficult. You just have no idea how much time filming and editing eats up. Suddenly your perfectly timed schedule is blown out of the water!

6. How did our parents do it when they had so many to feed every day and not just holidays? It looked so simple!

7. In our dream-home, the kitchen would be the largest room in the house; We’d even have a large fireplace so everyone feels comfy and cozy.

8. What to do with all the leftovers?? Lots of ideas but no appetite as we’ve all cheated so much on our diets! The biggest challenge are the desserts as they are the most tempting!

Like many of you, we carry on the tradition of having all of our guests go around the table and say what we’re most thankful for this year. Did you and/or your family do the same? What are you most thankful for?

Have a great holiday weekend!
-The Dads: Harris & Dave



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