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Home Decor

Harris’ Floral Centerpiece

In this video, Harris demonstrates how to make an easy and affordable floral centerpiece! Perfect for any holiday, special occasion or just because!

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Joie de Vivre: Joy of Life!

Melissa’s Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner!

Dave’s daughter, Melissa & her husband hosted a Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner at their loft, last night with their 12 guests! Their friend Joe who is a Sous Chef in NYC, played

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2 Days to Go!

Here we are, 2 more days to go until Thanksgiving! Yesterday consisted of house cleaning, fixing antique dining room chairs, dropping off clothes to the homeless shelter, setting up a

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Products WE Love!

Pastry Rolling Sheet

Whenever we make pies, we love to use the Tupperware Pastry Rolling Sheet! As demonstrated in our White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pie video, this measuring sheet comes in handy when

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3 Days!

3 Days to go until the big festivities! With Dave’s daughter Melissa, her husband and 2 friends coming to visit tomorrow, along with Dave’s sister Carol who just couldn’t imagine

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Side Dishes

Harris’ Challah Rolls

We’ll be making our popular Challah Rolls this Thanksgiving! There’s nothing like fresh baked rolls at your dinner! Try them out! Recipe Note: This recipe requires a bread machine. Ingredients

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Try Our Tips!

The Dads: Thanksgiving Menu

So, just what will The Dads be serving this Thanksgiving? Here is our projected menu for this year: Thanksgiving 2013 Menu: 14 guests Appetizers: 1. Smoked Salmon Ball 2. Roasted

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