This recipe is very simple and delicious and pairs very well with grilled meats, fish or simply as a dip for tortilla chips!  I?ve experimented with using the tomatillos raw, cooked in chicken stock and fire roasted; we love fire roasted the best.  Roasting the tomatillo highlighted the green, citrusy notes of the fruit.  I should note, this is one recipe you truly shouldn?t substitute canned tomatillos for fresh as it doesn?t work.  You should be able to find the tomatillos in most grocery stores, they are like a small green tomato in a green paper-like husk.  The outer husk should be dry, the tomatillo itself should be bright green, with a fresh, fruity smell.

Yield:  Approximately 2 cups


  • 1 lb fresh tomatillos (about 8 depending on size), husked and washed
  • ? Vidalia onion, coarse chopped
  • 1 medium jalapeno chili, seeds and ribs removed (you can add the seeds for more heat)
  • 2 small-medium cloves of garlic (to taste)
  • Olive oil for roasting the above ingredients
  • ? cup packed fresh cilantro leaves
  • Juice of one lime
  • ? teaspoon Kosher salt


  1. If you?re going to roast your ingredients on a grill, we recommend using a non-stick grill grid so the garlic and smaller ingredients don?t fall through the grate.  If you don?t have a grill or it?s not convenient, simply use your broiler with the oven rack about 5 inches from the broiling element.  Preheat.

  2. Toss the tomatillos, onion, jalapeno and garlic with the olive oil and place on foil-lined baking sheet or grill grid.  Broil/Grill until well charred, turning to periodically to char all sides, approximately 10 minutes.

  3. Once fully charred, remove from heat and allow to cool enough to handle.  Add charred ingredients along with remaining ingredients to food processor and process until coarsely chopped, approximately 7 to 10 pulses.  For additional heat, add reserved jalapeno seeds (minced).

Note:  Best served at room temperature.  This salsa can be refrigerated for up to 5 days.  If the salsa loses its bright notes after being refrigerated, simply season with a pinch of salt and additional lime juice; this will make it pop!

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