Hey guys! Melissa here, again!

So, The Dads finally threw their epic outdoor BBQ party! Sure it was thrown on Memorial Day weekend, but really their party was also a launch of their extensive home additions!

Needless to say, it was amazing! Their phones and emails were flooded the following days with praise of how great of a job they did and how much fun everyone had!

The Dads BBQ Party

First of all they added a new outdoor kitchen… Look at the Weber Summit grill with a Viking cooktop!



They added lots of new outdoor furniture… I love the green!


They added columns, fans and a new railing to the back porch…



And a new outdoor bar… Look at that stock!




(The tags on the chairs were cut of course, post photo.)

They had a special cocktail menu… My favorite was the Coconut Tree Martini! The Dads toasted the shredded coconut right before the party began, and it made it impossible to not want more! It was actually a cocktail designed by my step-sister, Casey (from my mother’s side). She made it for my 21st birthday and The Dads thought it would be a nice personal touch. They also hired their favorite bartender, Megan from City Cafe in Baltimore and her fianc? Tommy, who were super sweet!

Cocktail Menu The Dads


photo 4

The Dads Cocktail Bar

They hired their contractor’s brother for the catering called N&M in Pennsylvania. The Dads hired the caters to cook for 70% of the party and The Dads took care of the remainder 30%. They had expected up to 80 guests, so this was not an easy feat!

photo 1

The Dads' Grill

The food needless to say was divinity. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the passed ahi tuna from the caters, but the highlight for me was their crab fondue! I’m making you salivate, right?


Their friend George was kind enough to bring in a huge amount of seasoned shrimp! I couldn’t stop eating them with my cousin, Stephanie!

George, Melissa & Jerry

The indoor table landscape was designed by their dear friend Leslie…


Of course, Dave’s sister Carol was a huge help!

Did I mention they had 300 pounds of ice?!!!


Well there’s a taste of what a party at The Dads is like!


Want tips on how to throw your next upcoming shindig? Leave your questions in our comments! Or email harrisanddave@gmail.com!


  • Posted June 4, 2014
    by Steph

    Adorable!!! Gorgeous pics, great food, great company and a great time!!!!!


  • Posted June 4, 2014
    by sheri brill

    Fabulous party. It set the bar for the rest of the summer.

  • Posted June 4, 2014
    by Arlene Bachman

    So nice to relive the epic day again.

  • Posted June 5, 2014
    by Dale R

    Thank you Melissa for sharing the photos! We were sad that we couldn’t be in Baltimore for this epic party. Seeing the magnificent venue, the dining room table, Dave at the grill, the full bar, and so many familiar faces…made me “almost” feel like I was there. Harris & Dave…I’m glad this isn’t a competition…’cause you’re the BEST!!!

  • Posted June 6, 2014
    by Barry Roth

    Wow these are incredible photos! Harris and Dave, your new addition is nicer than I thought. It is amazing looking! (and I’m not easily impressed). Can’t wait to see it live!

  • Posted June 5, 2016
    by Georgia

    What fun to enjoy the party through the photographs. Love the changes you have made since I last visited. Dave and Harris certainly know how to entertain!

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